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Visitor Information

~what to know before you visit~

It's all about the experience for the Lanza family. Our grandparents believed that every guest who came across our bridge be treated to our unique brand of Lanza family-style hospitality. 
Times have changed, but our values haven't. As our beautiful Suisun Valley attracts more visitors each year, we're faced with the challenge of ensuring that every guest receives first-class hospitality worthy of our grandparents. With these challenges in mind, we've crafted simple guidelines to follow when you visit. 


Wine Tasting
10 am - 5 pm Daily 


Picnic Area Policies
11 am-4:30 pm Daily 


  • CHILDREN AND UNDERAGE ADULTS – While guests of all ages are welcomed, Wooden Valley Winery caters to an adult experience. To preserve the integrity of the experience for all, we kindly ask that guests carefully monitor their children and keep them at your table, within arm's reach at all times. For safety reasons, children are not allowed to roam the premises. Your cooperation with these guidelines will ensure that we can continue to be a family-friendly destination.
  • Reservations are required to use a picnic table
    • There is a two (2) hour time limit on your stay
    • We allow one (1) table per group with a maximum of eight (8) people
    • Picnic tables are not to be used for private parties such as birthdays or showers
    • No decorations, lawn chairs, coolers, or music allowed
  • Large Picnic Table Reservations ~ We have one large outdoor picnic table that can accommodate up to 20 visitors. The long table is perfectly placed for your large group to enjoy stunning Suisun Valley views in what feels like your own private setting.
    • To reserve this table, please contact our tasting room.
    • The fee to rent this table is $100 for wine club members and $200 for non-club members.
    • The long table is available to rent for a three (3) hour block of time. 
  • No smoking or vaping
  • No outside alcohol
  • Pets must be on a leash and always supervised. Excessive barking or aggressive behavior is not allowed
  • We ask that all guests vacate the premises at 5 pm
Large Group Tastings
To best serve you, reservations are strongly encouraged for groups of six (6) or more with a maximum group size of ten (10). By making a reservation, it allows us to prepare for your arrival. Your group will be seated at the best seat in the house...our large family-style table, and we'll dedicate one of our friendly team members to you and your friends for your 90-minute tasting experience.
To reserve your "large group tasting," please call our tasting room (707)864-0730
Wine By The Glass
Our goal is to provide all visitors with the Lanza family style of hospitality that you've come to know and appreciate. 
Many of you have noticed that we've discontinued our Wine By the Glass service. To help us better serve you responsibly, we've taken a proactive approach to your safety and no longer offer this option. We welcome you to visit for wine tasting and bottle purchases. While here, enjoy our beautifully updated outdoor space.