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On April 28, 2007, Wooden Valley Winery held a Winemakers Dinner for its Wine Club Members. Five Wooden Valley wines were paired with a four-course gourmet dinner, provided by Elaine Bell Catering. The members were able to taste the 2006 Sauvignon Blanc and it was a hit! This wine has not yet been released, but was available for purchase to the during this special event only, until it is officially released later this year. The food was outstanding, and Elaine Bell made an appearance to talk about how she chose the evening's menu based on the wines that were chosen to serve with the meal. Our Wine Club Manager, Lori, set a goal for an elegant evening and not only did she reach her goal, but exceeded it, ensuring excellence down to the last detail.

Winemakers Dinner Menu & Photos

First Course
Dungeness Crab & Avocado Mini Terrine
Micro Green Salad & Lemon Tarragon Dressing
Garnished with Three Colors of Tobiko Caviar

Ken Lanza

Main Course
Grilled Skirt Steak with Crispy Fried Onions
Grilled Onion Reduction Sauce
Trio of Asiago Soufflé Potatoes
Creamed Spinach Tomato Tower
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

Dessert Course
Chocolate Molten Cake
Served with Crème Anglaise & Fresh Berries
Zinfandel Port
Coffee & Tea

Wooden Valley Winery Staff

Second Course
Spinach Salad with Grapes, Grapefruit,
Toasted Walnuts & Humboldt Fog Cheese
Tossed with A Verjus Dressing
2006 Sauvignon Blanc

Rick Lanza

In today's busy world we understand that you may not always be able to find the time for an enjoyable visit to Wooden Valley Winery. You might just want to pick-up a bottle of wine on your way home, or enjoy our wine at a local restaurant.

In Vacaville:
The Nugget Market
Creekside Bar and Grill
The Old Post Office Restaurant
Merchant & Main Grill & Bar

In Fairfield:
Holiday Inn Select
The Hilton Garden Inn
Happy Garden
Jack & Linda’s Country Cafe
Rockville Inn Restaurant
The Vintage Cafe Restaurant
Bravo’s Pizza (Cordelia)

In Suisun:
Athenian Grill Restaurant
Solano Yacht Club
In the Woodland area you can
enjoy our wines at:
Maritime Seafood & Grill

In Martinez:
Martinez Yacht Club
And finally:
Amazing Grapes (Sunrise, FL)

Let us know where you would like to see Wooden Valley wines.

E-mail us:
or call (707)864-0730

Great with Wooden Valley Sauvignon Blanc!

2 tbsp olive oil
2 chicken giblets cut into small pieces
2 C uncooked Arborio rice
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
½ onion chopped
½ cup
5 C hot chicken broth
¼ C parmesan cheese

Saute giblets and onions in olive oil on medium heat until onions are translucent. Turn heat to medium low and add rice, salt, pepper, saffron and wine to the pan stirring until wine is reduced. Begin adding hot chicken broth one ladle at a time stirring continuously until liquid disappears and has been incorporated into the mixture. Continue this process one ladle at a time until rice is cooked and tender. Add parmesan cheese and serve

Lori Hickman is our featured employee for this issue. Lori has been working at Wooden Valley Winery since September of 1998, and she has been our Wine Club Manager since 2004. She has the huge task of managing over one thousand wine club members, making each one feel like a part of the Wooden Valley family. Since Lori has taken over the helm of Wine Club Manager, she has added benefits to members, always looking for ways to improve the program. She even came up with the idea to release the Wine Club Cuvee, a wine produced just for wine club members. Her idea was implemented in the February 2006 shipment and was a huge success. Wine Club events are coordinated by Lori, and she spends hours upon hours preparing so that no small detail is overlooked. And you can be sure that when you receive your shipment as a wine club member, it has been packed with love by Lori, because she also handles the huge task of packaging all of the wine club shipments. She is loved by all of the staff at Wooden Valley Winery. We are so thankful to have Lori on our team.

Spring is in full swing, and in the winery that means that Rick Lanza and his team is busy with bottling. The bottling process at Wooden Valley Winery usually begins in December with a small bottling of a couple white wines. This year those were the and . We got deeper into the bottling process in January; an additional 600-800 cases of the Riesling and White Gamay were bottled. Also bottled in January were the 2006 Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Valdiguie, along with about 900 cases of the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, which will be released soon, and 160 cases of the Wine Club Cuvee. Hang in there for the new releases of the 2005 Merlot, Syrah, and Primitivo, we will be bottling these wines this July and they are slated for release by January 2008. We will also be bottling two 2006 Chardonnays in July - one barrel fermented, and one fermented in stainless steel tanks.

New Releases Available NOW: , and . Pick up these refreshing s in our tasting room, , or at any of the that carry our wine.

What's happening in the vineyards? Ken and Larry Lanza tell us that their days usually begin around 3:00am. If there has been rain they will spray the vines to prevent disease, mildew, and rot. This is done so early in the morning because this is when there is the least amount of wind and disturbance to the vines. Other vineyard maintenance being done this time of year includes thinning, or leaf removal, to ensure that the canopy does not become too dense. It was also reported that there was early bud-break this year due to warm weather and little rain. Average rainfall is 27-33 inches, and this year only about 14-15 inches of rain fell. The 2007 harvest looks like it will be a big crop year, but it's almost too early to tell if that also means that it'll be a great quality.

In addition to managing our own vineyards, Lanza Family Vineyards also maintains vineyards for other clients. Recently this has involved vineyard removal and replanting. This is usually done when varieties are in less than optimal conditions, such as being diseased, having viruses, or sometimes just because a different variety will grow better in that area.

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